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Z – Database Backup and Restore

There is a 6Scan plugin, by default it is free, which will automatically backup the database every week.  By default, it will only keep the last 2.  But you can go and download a dated .zip file of what is backed up (so you can keep more than two weeks).  They claim it will keep both the database and the site files, but I've only seen the database done.  To download a backup file, just click on 6Scan ->Dashboard in the left column, and click on the download button in the row of what you want to download.  The *.zip file that is a database backup, contains the *.sql file that is a backup of the database.

That will take care of making the backup, but to restore what was backed up you will need to have a client that can connect to the database. 

I suggest Toad for MySQL.  To get the client go here.  Installing it does demand that you install .NET runtime 3.5, but trying it will tell you where to get runtime install.

Within Toad you must, add a connection to the data server (using the connection parameters from the hosting service).  Then open an editor window and open the *.sql file that you need to restore.  Then to run the restore, you need to click the icon on the toolbar that is a scroll with a green arrowhead on it pointing right.  In my instance, that is in the third row and it is the farthest on the left.

Brett Killins