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Support TAG by donating to the PTSA Painless Fundraiser.  No wrapping paper, no popcorn, no auctions – a painless way to support the education of our children.

The TAG PTSA supports many programs at TAG which go unfunded by the Dallas ISD.

Each year, funds are distributed through the following process:

  • faculty and staff are asked to identify classroom needs
  • the PTSA Gifting Committee will reviews and prioritizes the requests (i.e., textbooks first)
  • the recommendations of the Gifting Committee are presented to the PTSA membership for approval

Here are some examples of how donations to the PTSA through the Painless Fundraiser helped TAG in 2013 – 2014:

  • Dissection Kits
  • Partial Funding for Pan Am Forum trip
  • Equipment for Robotics
  • Water Distiller for Chemistry Lab
  • Books for Computer Science
  • Online textbooks for Spanish
  • Writing Guides
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • New Website for the School
  • (…and much much  more!)