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Here are answers to some of the admissions questions we are most frequently asked.

Q:  Can I apply to more than one Dallas ISD magnet school at the same time?
A:  On the Dallas ISD magnet application, you may designate two schools – a first choice school and a second choice school.  Only your first choice school will consider your application in the first round.  If your first-choice school declines your application, your second-choice school will consider your application in the second round.  If you would like to be considered in the first round of applications at TAG, you must designate TAG as your first choice school.

Q:  Does TAG accept students who live outside the Dallas ISD area?
A:  Yes.  However, priority goes to in-district applicants who meet our admissions requirements.

Q:  Is there any advantage to submitting an application on the first day?
A:  No.  Submitting on the first day applications are accepted does not give you any greater chance of acceptance than submitting on the final day.  Take the time to ensure your application is complete.

Q:  Does TAG accept home-schooled students?
A:  Yes, we welcome home-schooled students.  Contact the TAG office for alternative admissions requirements for home-schooled students.

Q:  Can I apply to TAG to begin in 10th or 11th grade?
A:  If we have openings in our 10th and 11th grade classes, we will make these seats available to new applicants.

Q:  Does TAG offer sports?
A:  Dallas ISD magnet schools are not permitted to offer sports.  However, many TAG student actively participate in sports. Learn more.

Q:  How much is tuition?
A:  TAG is a public school.  Tuition is free.

Q:  What transportation options are available to TAG students?
A:  Dallas ISD provides free bus transportation from all Dallas ISD comprehensive high schools to Townview in the morning and back in the afternoon.  There are also late buses back to the comprehensive high schools for students who stay after school for extracurricular activities.  Bus schedules are announced by Dallas ISD in the fall, just before classes begin.  Some students take public transportation to and from Townview.  The nearest DART Rail station is the 8th and Corinth station, 1/2 mile east of Townview.  DART buses run on 8th Street between the rail station and Townview.

Q:  Do TAG students wear uniforms?
A:  We have a dress code, but students do not wear uniforms.

Q: Do siblings have preference in admission?
A:  No.

If you have additional questions about our application process, please contact the TAG office at (972) 925-5970.  We will be delighted to assist you.