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Graduation Requirements


All TAG students follow an advanced course sequence beginning in 9th grade and culminating in graduation under the Distinguished Achievement Program.  The Distinguished Achievement Program is the highest high school graduation distinction in Texas.  It requires advanced schoolwork that reflects college- or professional-level skills.  Learn more.

Courses Required for Graduation

English (5 credits) PE / Health (2 credits)
Mathematics (5 credits) Computer Science (1 credit)
Science (4 credits) Fine Arts (1 credits)
Social Studies (4 credits) Speech (0.5 credit)
Foreign Language (3 credits)


Typical Course Plan

The following is a typical student course plan.

9th Grade 10th Grade
AP Human Geography Pre-AP English II
Pre-AP English I Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or Fast Track Math
Pre-AP Algebra II or Pre-AP Geometry Pre-AP Chemistry
Pre-AP Biology Theater Arts
Pre-AP Computer Science I Physical Education (Semester)/Health (Semester)
Foreign Language AP World History
Physical Education Foreign Language or Elective
Elective Elective
11th Grade 12th Grade
AP English Language & Composition AP English Literature & Composition
AP Calculus AB or Pre-Calculus Pre-AP AP Calculus AB or BC
AP U.S. History AP Government and Politics: U.S. (Fall)
AP Statistics AP Macroeconomics (Spring)
AP Physics B or Pre-AP Physics Pre-AP Psychology/AP Psychology
Speech AP Science (Biology, Chemistry, Env. Science or Physics)
Foreign Language or Elective Independent Study (Senior Thesis)
Elective Elective


Electives Offered

TAG Electives Academic Center Electives *
AP Art History AP French Language
AP Biology AP German Language
AP Chemistry AP Latin: Vergil
AP Computer Science A AP Music Theory
AP Environmental Science AP Studio Art-3D Design
AP European History AP Studio Art-2D Design
AP Physics C: E&M AP Studio Art-Drawing
AP Spanish Language Choir
AP Spanish Literature Marching/Concert Band
Technology Applications Independent Study Orchestra
Creative Writing Web Mastery


* Academic Center courses are classes available to all Townview students.