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Advanced Placement (AP)


The Advanced Placement Program is a nationally recognized program for offering college-level courses to high school students.  We believe the AP Program offers considerable benefits for talented and gifted students.  We incorporate AP classes extensively in our curriculum and encourage students to make the most of the opportunity to take these classes. What’s an AP class like?

The benefits of the AP Program for students are apparent in the college admissions process.  As the College Board notes, taking AP classes allows students to:

  • Stand out in college admissions.  Selective colleges look for AP classes on a student’s transcript as an indicator the desire and the ability to succeed in college-level courses.
  • Earn college credits.  Nearly all colleges offer course credit to students who score well on their AP exams.  With a sufficient number of course credits, students can graduate from college a semester or even a year early, saving considerable tuition.
  • Skip introductory classes at college. By placing out of required college courses, students can move into upper-level classes sooner and take more elective classes.

TAG offers 29 AP courses, and students typically complete 15-24 AP courses during their four years at TAG.

AP Courses Offered

Art History Macroeconomics
Biology Music Theory
Calculus AB Physics B
Calculus BC Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Chemistry Physics C: Mechanics
Computer Science A Psychology
English Language and Composition Spanish Language and Culture
English Literature and Composition Spanish Literature and Culture
Environmental Science Statistics
European History Studio Art: 2-D Design
French Language and Culture Studio Art: 3-D Design
German Language and Culture Studio Art: Drawing
Government and Politics: United States United States History
Human Geography World History